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Accounting & Audit Services


As a member of the Private Companies Practice Section of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), our firm is required to undergo periodic peer reviews conducted by a team of independent certified accountants.  This team evaluates our quality control policies and procedures and inspects a representative sample of our work product to assure that we comply with the stringent quality-control standards established by the AICPA.  The results of such reviews are available to the public.  Thus, clients have independent assurance that our firm provides accounting services of the highest caliber.

We provide the following accounting and audit services:

  • Audited financial statements

  • Employee Benefit Plan audits

  • Reviewed financial statements

  • Compiled financial statements

  • Contract and temporary bookkeeping services

  • Maintenance of fixed asset records

  • Preparation of monthly or quarterly financial statements

  • Agreed-upon procedures on special accounts, items, and transactions

  • Review of internal controls

  • Projections and Forecasts






If you would like to have Lovoy, Summerville & Shelton perform accounting services but are unsure about whether you need an audit, review, or compilation, please contact us at (205) 970-9080 so that we may help you better understand each type of service.